Interview in Le Monde

Interview in Le Monde on taxation, inequalities and social policies in a post-covid world, see here.

Op-Ed in the Guardian on climate change and inequality

Text available here.

Interview on France Inter – 8h20

Interview for the launch of the World Inequality Report 2022.

See the replay.

Le Monde – Op Ed on the Glasgow Climate Conference

Text available here.

Le Monde – Op Ed on Covid vaccines and global inequality

Text available here.

The Guardian – Op Ed on inequality in Europe and the US

Text available here.

France Culture – What level of inequality can societies sustain?

Interview on France Culture

France Inter – Le Téléphone Sonne

Interview on France Inter, with the Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne.

Inequality and taxes in Europe

Interview with France 24 on European tax systems

France Inter – Interview in “La Matinale”

For the launch of the World Inequality Report 2018

A world without inequality?

Interview with “Le Un” magazine.