I am an economist specialized in inequality and in environmental policy. My work focuses on the measurement of economic inequality, its interactions with sustainable development and on the implementation of social and ecological policies.

I am Co-Director of the World Inequality Lab at the Paris School of Economics (PSE). From December 2022 onwards, I will be Associate Professor at Sciences Po. I am also a Senior Advisor at the European Tax Observatory and a Visiting Senior Scholar at the London School of Economics. I was recently a Visiting Scholar at the Harvard Kennedy School.

[New] World Inequality Report 2022
L. Chancel, T. Piketty, E. Saez, G. Zucman, Harvard University Press, 2022

The World Inequality Report 2022 provides the most up-to-date data on global income and wealth inequalities and presents new findings on global gender and climate change inequalities.

“Read this report, shout out its messages, find ways to act upon them.” Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee

Published in English by Harvard University Press, in French by Le Seuil. Available open access online.

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Unsustainable inequalities: social justice and the environment
L. Chancel, Harvard University Press, 2020

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“Essential” – Science magazine

“An original perspective on the two greatest challenges of our times” – Martin Wolf, Financial Times

“An absolute must read” – Thomas Piketty

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World Inequality Report 2018
F. Alvaredo, L. Chancel, T. Piketty, E. Saez, G. Zucman, Harvard University Press, 2018

Data and analysis on global income and wealth inequalities. Book published in 10 languages.

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Research / Publications
[New] Income Inequality in Africa: Measurements, Patterns, Determinants
Chancel, L., Cogneau, D., Gethin, A., Myckowski, A. Robilliard, A.-S. (2022), à paraître dans World Development
[New] Global Carbon Inequality over 1990-2019
Chancel, L. (2022), Nature sustainability, 5, pp. 931–938
[New] Why is Europe More Equal than the US?
Blanchet, T., Chancel, L., Gethin, A. (2022) American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, vol. 14(4), pp. 480-518.
Global Income Inequality, 1820-2020: The Persistence and Mutation of Extreme Inequality
Chancel, L., Piketty, T. (2021) Journal of the European Economic Association, 19, pp. 3025–3062
Ten facts about inequality in advanced economies
Chancel, L. (2021) in 'Combating Inequality: Rethinking Government's Role', MIT Press (eds. O. Blanchard, D. Rodrik)
Indian Income Inequality, 1922-2015: from British Raj to Billionaire Raj?
Chancel, L., Piketty, T. (2019) Review of Income and Wealth, 2019, 65, pp. S33-62
Inequality and macroeconomic policy, conference at Harvard University

GEM conference organized by the Center for International Development and the Malcom Wiener Center for Social Policy at Harvard University. More information.

Stone Center Annual Lecture, Berkeley University

Conference entitled “Global Wealth, Gender and Carbon Injustice: New Findings From the World Inequality Report” at Berkeley University [video].

9 March 2022 - Harvard University
Harvard Kennedy School Inequality Talks

How to protect the environment in an unequal world?

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Interview in Le Monde

Interview in Le Monde on taxation, inequalities and social policies in a post-covid world, see here.

Op-Ed in the Guardian on climate change and inequality

Text available here.

Interview on France Inter – 8h20

Interview for the launch of the World Inequality Report 2022.

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