Harvard Kennedy School - April 2024
Stone Seminar on Inequality – Harvard University

Presentation on wealth inequality and climate change

World Economic Forum, January 2024
World Economic Forum 2024

Intervention on wealth inequality, taxation and climate investment needs

15/05/2023 - Parlement Européen
European Parliament – Beyond Growth Conference

Intervention at the European Parliament on post growth, inequality and taxes.

7/6/2023 - ISEO, Italy
ISEO Summer School

“Global inequality and sustainability”

29/11/2022 - European Commission JRC
Joint Research Center European Commission

DIGCLASS conference on inequalities and climate change at the European Commission Joint Research Center.

31/01/2023 - Norad Oslo
Keynote at the Norad annual conference

Presentation of the Climate Inequality Report 2023 and discussion at the Norad Annual Conference “Human & Nature”.

Watch the keynote replay as well as the discussion. Link to conference website.

The Norad is the Norwegian Development Agency.


Inequality and macroeconomic policy, conference at Harvard University

GEM conference organized by the Center for International Development and the Malcom Wiener Center for Social Policy at Harvard University. More information.

Stone Center Annual Lecture, Berkeley University

Conference entitled “Global Wealth, Gender and Carbon Injustice: New Findings From the World Inequality Report” at Berkeley University [video].

9 March 2022 - Harvard University
Harvard Kennedy School Inequality Talks

How to protect the environment in an unequal world?

Download the slides

07/12/2021 - Paris School of Economics
World Inequality Conference

Presentation of the World Inequality Report 2022 at the World Inequality Conference. Full programme here.

04/2021 - IMF World Bank
Inequalities and tax justice

Conference at the World Bank IMF Spring Meetings.

8/10/2020 - London School of Economics
Unsustainable inequalities: book launch

Book launch of “Unsustainable Inequalities” (Harvard University Press, 2020) at the International Inequalities Institute of the London School of Economics. See here.

Why is Europe more Equal than the US?

Seminar at the European University Institute in Florence. See the paper.

29/03/2019 - United Nations
Rethinking inequality and what to do about it

Roundtable with Paul Krugman, Janet Gornick, Lucas Chancel and Achim Steiner at the United Nations in New York. Replay.

17/10/2019 - Peterson Institute, Washington D.C.
Why Inequality is Rising in Advanced Economies, and How Policies Make a Difference

Presentation at the “Combating inequality” conference at the Peterson Institute in Washington, D.C. Replay here.

01/2020 - United Nations
Measuring and tackling inequality

Intervention at the United Nations Senior Management Board, chaired by the Antonio Guttieres, UN Secretary General.

03/2021 - Paris School of Economics
Carbon & inequality in the long run

Presentation of “Carbon & inequality in the long run” at the Paris School of Economics Environment & Regulation Seminar.

10/02/2019 - United Nations
Unsustainable inequalities? From measurement to action.

Conference at the United Nations, on the occasion of the 57th Commission for Social Development. More information.

07/09/2018 - Harvard Kennedy School
Conference on global inequality dynamics

Presentation of the World Inequality Report at the Harvard Kennedy School, followed by a discussion with Dani Rodrik. See the replay.

22/01/2019 - French Institute in Athens
European politics and inequalities

Conference at the French Institute in Athens, Greece. See here.

19/11/2018 - IMF Washington DC
Global inequality measurement and national accounts

Conference at the International Monetary Fund

02/2018 - Hong Kong University
Addressing inequality from an Asian perspective – Hong Kong University

“Addressing inequality from an Asian perspective”. Voir ici.

10/06/2018 - Global Media Forum
Unsustainable inequalities: from measurement to action

Conference at the Global Media Forum in Bonn, Germany

07/06/2018 - Oxford University
Global inequality dynamics

Presentation of the World Inequality Report at  INET – Oxford University

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